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Soft Skills curriculum for IT Professionals
This output serves as a guidance for vocational institutions and relevant stakeholders in the field of soft skills. Its aim is to design the curriculum that will build upon the development of soft skills for IT professionals.
SayIT Curriculum is a proposal of holistic approach towards upskilling IT professionals in the area of soft skills and a reference document for elaborating soft skills training for IT professionals. It is characterised by a modular, competence-based framework enhanced by subsets of defined learning outcomes. It covers five main thematic blocks:
– Communication skills
– Problem solving skills
– Teamwork skills
– Organisational skills
– Interpersonal skills

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Soft Skills Trainer app

The second Intellectual Output is an innovative training app for IT professionals that will allow them to improve their vocational qualifications in the area of soft skills. With the use of the visual novel methodology, it puts IT professionals into simulated environment, tests their reactions and provides them with relevant learning resources.
This output will be prepared in a form of a mobile application to facilitate easy access to training and will be based on an innovative learning methodology of a visual novel. This visual novel methodology is a type of game where the playable storyboards are prepared in a way where the player interacts with specific situations and therefore advances the novel to the next stages based on the choices made. Because the attention span is decreasing at a global level, the Soft Skills Trainer app will favour shorter stories, at the same time capitalising on developing mechanisms building the visual novel from the database of available storyboards. To put that into perspective, five soft skills (mentioned also in output 1) having each five storyboards can give a theoretical possibility to create 3125 combinations of how a visual novel can be composed covering all five blocks of soft skills.

Non tangible results include increased cooperation between various organisations, cross-cultural learning and general increase of knowledge among involved parties.

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